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Cynthia grew up in New York City, where she was raised by a single mother in a one bedroom, fifth-floor walk-up apartment. A proud graduate of New York public schools and an even prouder public school parent, Cynthia began working as an actor when she was 12 years old to earn money to pay for college education, and she’s been proud union member ever since.

For the last 17 years, she has been fighting for better schools and more equitable education funding all across the state, including as a spokesperson and organizer for the Alliance for Quality Education, which helped to reverse hundreds of million in education budget cuts. She has traveled the state, met with legislators, and spoken out in Albany on numerous occasions to demand that public schools in every district get the resources they need, regardless of income level.

She helped build Fight Back New York, an effort to remove state Senators opposed to same-sex marriage. The campaign ultimately raised $800,000 and helped elect three new Senators in support of marriage equality. Working with the Empire State Pride Agenda, Cynthia organized for marriage equality in New York state, and traveled around the country to support similar efforts in MD, WA, and NJ.

She is running for governor in the blue state of New York because she knows that New Yorkers deserve a state and a government that works for all of us – a New York for the many, not just the few.

New York has become the single most unequal state in the country. The top 1 percent of New Yorkers earn 45 times more than the bottom 99 percent combined. Black and Latino families in New York still earn much less than white families. Women still earn much less than men. As Cynthia said in her campaign launch, “This crushing inequality isn’t something that just happens. It’s not an accident. It was a choice. It was a choice to slash taxes for the super-rich and impose austerity on everybody else. It was a choice to allow the schools attended by children of color to be underfunded and over-policed. It was a choice to sell our government off to corporate interests and wealthy donors. These are choices usually made by Republicans. But for the past eight years, they’re all choices that have been made by our governor, Andrew Cuomo. I’m running for Governor to make sure our state belongs to its people, not just to ultra-rich corporate donors.”

Cynthia Nixon will be a bold progressive fighter for working families across New York state and Democracy for America members are proud to add her to the slate of gubernatorial candidates ready to run, fight, and transform state offices with an inclusive populist agenda rooted in racial and economic justice.

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