Caroline Walker

North Carolina State Senate, District 35

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Caroline Walker has degrees in Business and Organizational Leadership and has dedicated over ten years of her career to education in the public school system, the community college system and as a small business owner. Caroline moved to Union County as a teenager, and now she and her husband, Sean are raising their family in the community that raised her. She knows about working hard. In college, Caroline worked as an after-school teacher while juggling a full-time course load. During the recession, with a new baby, Caroline and her husband worked more than one job to keep food on the table, cleaning houses and delivering pizzas to make ends meet.

This time, the problem is in Raleigh. Too often the politicians have forgotten whom they serve – the people of North Carolina. Their priorities are not those of everyday folks. Caroline is ready to get to work making sure that government works for all of us. Caroline is inspired by her biracial children and like all parents would like to have all the opportunities available to them. She is running for everyone that wants a more just and inclusive Georgia for their children and future generations.

Caroline believes that representatives in government need to listen to its people and serve them and not their own interests. She is running for North Carolina State Senate, District 35 and will work to represent the people of her District and not spend time and money fighting egos and partisan politics. Caroline will fight for the issues of the people like clean water, better education, well-paying jobs, and a promising future and not the political interests of the few.

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