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U.S. House, California 45

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As a consumer advocate and attorney, Katie Porter has spent nearly twenty years fighting powerful interests and Wall Street banks on behalf of consumers and families. She’s a tenured law professor at the University of California Irvine and a national leader in consumer protection who has won crucial victories against financial institutions that deceive consumers.

As an advocate, Katie has sought reforms that help families get a fair shake in our economy. She has been a key player in the fight against abusive credit card fees and, in 2010, helped pass important federal credit card protections for families. Katie has collaborated extensively with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, her former law school professor, in efforts to stop powerful financial institutions from ripping off consumers.

In 2012, then Attorney General Kamala Harris appointed Katie to be California’s watchdog against the banks. The banks had promised to pay billions to homeowners they took advantage of financially, and Katie led the charge to make sure the banks followed through. Katie and her team held the banks’ feet to the fire, securing billions and helping tens of thousands of families move forward with their lives.

The incumbent, Rep. Mimi Walters always puts those who can buy clout ahead of families. Walters’ values are closely aligned with President Trump as she sides with the NRA to block common-sense gun protections, does the bidding of big pharma that allows for triple-digit price gouging of life-saving drugs, and supported the GOP tax plan that is a giveaway to billionaires and huge corporations. The people in the 45th district disagree with her values. Katie is running for Congress because she knows that Orange County families want a representative that will fight for equal civil rights and for equal economic opportunity. For Katie, this means supporting campaign finance reform and working to engage people in understanding and participating in democracy. Katie’s campaign does not take donations from banks, oil and gas corporations, or big pharma. Katie is going to Washington to continue the work she has lived for for the past two decades– to give a voice to the needs of families and fight for a fair economy.

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