Christy Clark

North Carolina State House, District 98

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Christy Clark is running for the North Carolina State House because she believes it is time for the legislature to focus on creating a welcoming North Carolina that works for everyone, not just the wealthiest or privileged few.

Christy was raised in a family dedicated to volunteerism and community service, and she’s continued that dedication to community service, leading efforts for gun violence prevention through her work with Moms Demand Action. She has spent countless days in the General Assembly working with legislators, advocating for common sense reforms, working with families impacted by violence, and standing up to the NRA lobbyists and corporate donors. Christy has first-hand experience of how citizens’ voices can impact the legislative process and change lives.

As a North Carolina certified paralegal, Christy has helped many small business owners and entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. She knows first hand how policies that support small business owners and entrepeneurs are critical to making the North Carolina economy thrive.

Christy is running to go to Raleigh and work for the things that truly matter to North Carolinians - quality public education, affordable healthcare, increased job opportunities, clean drinking water, and voting rights. Her Republican incumbent has roadblocked all of these things throughout his time in the legislature, and recently served as the architect of the anti-LGBT law known as the “bathroom bill”. Christy is ready to help break the Republicans supermajority in Raleigh and build a North Carolina for all working families.

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