Betsy Sweet

U.S. Senate, Maine

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Betsy has spent her life fighting for Mainers - health care for all, good jobs, protecting a woman’s right to choose. Betsy believes that Maine has serious challenges in communities and families, and Mainers used to think that Susan Collins had their backs. But this past year has shown that Susan Collins is not on the side of Mainers. Betsy is running because Mainers need someone who will listen to and fight for the residents of the state.

If you want politics as usual, Betsy is not your candidate. But if you want someone who has spent the last 37 years working to fix what is broken in the political system, Betsy is the candidate for you.

Change only happens when it the people demand it and then act on their beliefs. That’s what Betsy’s campaign is about. Betsy plans on winning this campaign by knocking on every door, talking to every neighbor, sharing her values, figuring out practical solutions that work, and connecting with enough grassroots donors to beat the corrupting tide of money in politics.

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