Yvonne Lewis Holley

North Carolina Lt. Governor

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Yvonne was born in Raleigh and was part of the changing south. Early in her life, she learned the values of hard work, dedication and honor. Educated in the Wake County Public School System, she is an advocate for education. As a student at Enloe High School, Yvonne was one of the first students of desegregation. While there were many difficult days, she was able to cross barriers one relationship at a time to build friendships.

Working her way through Howard University, Yvonne began a career dedicated to education, health, economics, youth development & political advocacy. Her heart for public service includes twenty-five years dedicated to working as a state government employee. This life path is a direct link from a humble beginning of community awareness.

Growing up, she watched & learned from community leaders. As Director of Minority Affairs for WRAL-TV, her father’s work and that of other community and business leaders resulted in significant growth, development and shifting race relations in NC. She witnessed this first hand from her own living room and is continuing this legacy today as the Representative of the 38th District of the North Carolina State House.

Yvonne has spent the past four terms in the North Carolina House working hard to improve housing, healthcare, and education for all North Carolinians. She started a bipartisan work-group with House and Senate members studying ways to make affordable housing attainable; in both rural & urban communities. This resulted in her Affordable Housing Study Bill passing through the House. Yvonne has also pushed the issue of food insecurity, and was able secure funding for a Small Retail Program, providing access to healthy foods in corner stores where grocery stores don’t exist.
She has sponsored bills to raise the minimum wage to a living wage, worked with commerce and the community college system to prepare our already existing labor force through education and training. She has supported expanded transportation options like bus rapid and micro transit systems, and light rail systems wherever possible.

Now, Yvonne wants to take this collaboration to a statewide level to build an economy that works for everyone.

She introduced the cornerstone of her campaign platform - a program I will champion and lead - as The Affordable Living Initiative (ALI) Program. ALI will address: attainable housing, access to affordable & healthy food, jobs/workforce development and reliable transportation from the Lt. Governor’s office.

Currently, no state agency comprehensively addresses affordable housing, food security, or transportation in terms of affordability & accessibility. Working with her initiative, workforce development should include entrepreneurial and small business training to provide a ready workforce and new business/small business opportunities. As Lt. Governor, Yvonne will pull together and work with NC residents, urban & rural organizations, government agencies, non-profits, & businesses to collaborate on these issues. With diverse voices at the table, there will be practical, applicable solutions coming from the Lt. Governor’s office.

Yvonne knows that that’s the role as a public servant- to work and build a better future for those who come after us- and to help our constituents build a life with dignity.

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