Jacob Malinowski

Wisconsin State Assembly, District 82

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Jacob Malinowski has lived in Greendale for his entire life and is the youngest Democratic challenger running for State Assembly. His dad is a carpenter, and he is the son of a middle-class family that faces many of the same realities of people across his community. He worked a minimum wage to help pay for school and has taken care of his neighbors just like they’ve taken care of him.

Jacob’s campaign is running on three key values: passion, accessibility, and inclusivity. All of his policies and ideas are centered around one simple question: how does this impact real people? He describes it as a people-first vision and his plans focus on working and middle-class folks across the district. Jacob’s campaign values every constituency across the district, and they are working tirelessly to make sure they receive as many perspectives as possible. His campaign has found ways to convince voters across the political spectrum to support their people-first vision – protecting the environment, affordable healthcare, and amazing public schools – and is building a large coalition to flip this seat. Jacob is a fresh face to politics and is not interested in being a partisan politician –he will put people first.

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