Democracy for America backs Jamie Long for Minnesota State House

Today, Democracy for America (DFA) announced its endorsement of Jamie Long in the competitive primary for Minnesota House District 61B.

DFA is a member-driven, people-powered progressive PAC with 35,172 members in Minnesota and more than one million members nationwide. In recent years, DFA has been a strong supporter of numerous Minnesota progressives, including Rep. Keith Ellison’s 2017 race for DNC chair.

DFA’s Electoral Director Annie Weinberg on DFA’s decision to back Long for the Minnesota House:

“Jamie has dedicated his life to effective people-powered organizing for progressive change.

“From his leadership in Congressman Ellison's office and the Congressional Progressive Caucus to his tireless efforts for voting rights, climate justice, and economic equity across Minnesota, Jamie has proven he has what it takes to build meaningful partnerships, govern with courage and accountability, and win important fights for working families.

“Democracy for America and our 35,172 members across the state are proud to endorse Jamie Long for Minnesota State House." -- Annie Weinberg, Electoral Director, Democracy for America

Jamie Long on receiving DFA’s support in his race to represent Minnesota House District 61B:

“Our grassroots campaign is so excited to have the support of leading progressive advocacy organization Democracy for America! We both know that empowering people is the only way to move forward on our progressive values and to build support for lasting change. Thank you to the tens of thousands of Minnesotan Democracy for America members for organizing for fairness and equity, and for your support."  -- Jamie Long, candidate for MN House District 61B

Jamie Long a progressive community leader, organizer, and experienced advocate currently serving as Deputy Chief of Staff for Congressman Keith Ellison, where he manages Keith’s Minnesota office and leads efforts to partner with the community to improve the lives of Minnesotans. As the lead strategist for Voters First, a political action committee dedicated to supporting candidates and campaigns who prioritize expanding the electorate through grassroots organizing and inclusive voter targeting models, Long has become a key leader in building a more reflective democracy.  In the Minnesota State House, Long will fight to eliminate the equity gaps for the state’s communities of color, fix the broken K-12 education funding formulas hurting Minnesota students, and deliver on the promise of single-payer healthcare.

Since its 2004 founding, DFA members have raised and contributed more than $40 million and made more than 11.1 million volunteer calls to help successfully elect 919 progressive candidates nationwide.

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