DEBATE: Castro had “breakout performance,“but debate “likely won’t fundamentally alter the top-tier”

Statement from Democracy for America Chair Charles Chamberlain following the conclusion of tonight’s debate in Houston:

“Tonight, all three front runners had strong nights that likely won’t fundamentally alter the top-tier of the contest.

"Elizabeth Warren beat the field with the strongest overall performance which will continue the momentum growing behind her, but Bernie Sanders delivered a consistent and strong progressive message, and Biden was largely steadier than his first two exceedingly weak debate performances.

“The surprise story of the evening was Julián Castro’s breakout performance.

“Castro has done well at each debate, but tonight he was on fire. From Healthcare and immigration to schools and guns, Castro delivered a strong progressive message while also driving a clear contrast between him and Biden. His rejoinder to Pete Buttigieg during one exchange was a pitch-perfect mind-meld with every other progressive who’s been annoyed by similar stale attempts to shut down important policy discussions during these debates.

“Castro showed, along with strong performances by Beto, Booker, Harris, and Yang, that we likely saw both members of the 2020 Democratic ticket on the stage tonight.” - Charles Chamberlain, Chair, Democracy for America

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