DFA endorses Mayoral Candidates in Manchester, New Haven, Charlotte, Memphis, Spokane

Today, Democracy for America (DFA) endorsed five mayoral candidates running in 2019 to lead major American cities from coast-to-coast.

The five mayoral candidates DFA is endorsing today include:

  • Joyce Craig, Manchester (NH)
  • Toni Harp, New Haven (CT)
  • Vi Lyles, Charlotte (NC)
  • Tami Sawyer, Memphis (TN)
  • Ben Stuckart, Spokane (WA)

This is the first time DFA has backed Harp, Sawyer, and Stuckart. DFA endorsed Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles in her first race in 2017 and supported Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig in both 2015 and 2017.

Earlier this year, DFA endorsed Mayor Kate Gallego ahead of her victory in Phoenix, AZ and backed Regina Romero in her November 2019 race for Mayor of Tucson, AZ.

DFA CEO Yvette Simpson on today’s mayoral endorsements:

“Cities have never been more important to our fight for a bold, inclusive populist agenda than they are right now. That’s why we’re honored to endorse five mayoral candidates we know will lead that battle in five great American cities.

“Since they’ve been in office, Mayors Joyce Craig and Vi Lyles have made Manchester and Charlotte, respectively, progressive beacons in two critical purple states.

“Meanwhile, Toni Harp in New Haven, Tami Sawyer in Memphis, and Ben Stuckart are each running on progressive records of accomplishment that underscore their commitment to making their cities more reflective of and responsive to the communities that make them strong.

As a former Cincinnati City Councilmember and DFA-endorsed mayoral candidate, I understand how critical our cities our to our battle for progressive change. I also know the fight DFA members bring to mayoral races, and we could not be more excited to stand with Joyce Craig, Toni Harp, Vi Lyles, Tami Sawyer, and Ben Stuckart through November 2019 and beyond.” -- Yvette Simpson, CEO, Democracy for America

DFA’s endorsement in these five mayoral races builds on the over two dozen 2019 endorsements for city council the grassroots group has made. It is also a continuation of the work DFA has done since 2017 to “build a wall of resistance” to the Trump agenda in America’s cities.

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