DFA reacts to OH #DemDebate, launches 4th Presidential Pulse Poll

On Monday we asked three questions heading into tonight’s debate, and, below, we’ve got some thoughts on what was answered and what wasn’t.

First, some news: Immediately after tonight’s debate, Democracy for America launched the fourth iteration of its 2020 Presidential Pulse poll.

Now, here is DFA Chair Charles Chamberlain thoughts on tonight’s Democratic Debate in Westerville, OH:

“Tonight in Westerville, Elizabeth Warren was on fire, Bernie Sanders delivered strong moments for anyone who thought he might dial it back, and Joe Biden faded into the background.

“No matter what the polling says, tonight’s debate showed that everyone on that stage knows Elizabeth Warren is the front-runner and she proved she can take the heat from all comers and fight back. Warren was never flustered, or get defensive she fought back strong and stayed laser-focused on her message. In contrast, Biden, when he wasn’t standing like a bystander on stage, continued to struggle with clear concise answers or to hold his ground without getting defensive.

Anyone who thought Bernie Sanders would tone it down or take it easy after his heart attack was wildly mistaken. Bernie had several powerful moments, from passionately railing against our broken healthcare system to exposing corporate power over trade agreements, proving Bernie is back and working to win.

“The big surprise of the night was the premiere of the new and angry Mayor Pete. Clearly, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar showed up strong tonight in an attempt to pick up moderates looking for an alternative to Joe Biden, but Mayor Pete’s constant attempts to tear down progressive priorities is more likely to please big CEO donors and lobbying firms than Democratic voters.” -- Charles Chamberlain, Chair, Democracy for America

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