DFA says Paul Ryan’s reelection retreat shows Dems the inclusive populist path to “lasting majority”

Reports broke this morning saying that House Speaker Paul Ryan has decided not to run for reelection.  

Democracy for America has been a strong supporter of Ryan’s Democratic opponent, Randy Bryce since June 2017.

Here’s a statement from DFA Chair Jim Dean on Paul Ryan’s retreat from a reelection fight and what lesson Democrats need to learn from it:

“Paul Ryan’s decision to pull the ripcord on his reelection is a direct response to the failed Trump agenda he’s tried to advanced, the growing possibility of a 2018 Democratic Tsunami,  and, most importantly, the insurgent, inclusive populist campaign that Randy Bryce has built over the last 10 months that has directly threatened his chances of holding on to his seat in Wisconsin.

“The lesson for Democrats from Ryan’s retreat is simple: If we support candidates like Randy Bryce who run on their progressive values, push for bold inclusive populist ideas, and build people-powered campaigns that inspire new communities of voters to take action, we not only have a shot at retaking Congress in November, we have an opportunity to build a lasting congressional majority that’s equipped to fight for the big, courageous progressive reforms our country so desperately needs.” -- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America

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